Founded by Luke, Mike & Robyn, passionate collectors with decades of combined knowledge & expertise, Primo Cards offers an unparalled trading card experience.

Our meticulously planned Live Group Breaks are suitable to be enjoyed by everyone, whether you are an experienced collector or looking to take the plunge and start collect trading cards for the very first time. We encourage you to join us live to interact with our community and team somewhere you will always feel Welcome and at home.

We are here to stay and have always been more than just another breaking group, our community and long standing reputation is everything to us. As avid collectors ourselves we decided some time ago it was time to challenge expectations of what a trading card company should be. We continuously break the boundaries and exceed expectations in everything we do – to grow this community worldwide.

Whether you are looking for a sense of community, entertainment, live group breaks, sealed boxes, advice on your own collection or any other aspect of the hobby, we look forward to assisting and getting to know you.

Our live streams are absolutely wild starting at 5PM daily, the epicentre of entertainment with people from all walks of life, novices and experts alike coming together every night to discuss, debate and socialise offering an experience like no other.

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